Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus or onychomycosis is one of the most common types of fungal infections. In fact, 25 million of Americans suffer from this disease. Though this disease in not particularly painful, it is certainly embarrassing and causes a fair amount of discomfort to thoes suffering from it. The most unfortunate thing about this infection is that it has a tendency to surface again and again. Moreover, it rarely responds to over the counter medications. Hence, people infected with toenail fungus are often frustrated and resort to newer ways of treating this disease. One such emerging treatment option for toenail fungus is laser therapy.

New laser technology kills the pathogens that cause toenail fungus (Onchomycosis).

  • Safe
  • Takes only 15-20 minutes
  • No side effects
  • Does not harm the nail or skin
  • No anesthesia needed
  • Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment
  • No recovery period – just walk in and walk out

Treatments for Fungal Nails

Historically, treatments for fungal nails included topical medications, oral agents (pills) or surgical removal of the nail plate. The topical medications were largely ineffective. oral agents have been known to affect the liver and blood tests needed to be monitored to prevent potential damage. Removal of the nail plate was painful and debilitating.

Contributing factors for developing nail fungus infection

  • A history of athlete’s foot
  • Injury to the nail bed
  • Sports/shoe trauma
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Diabetes
  • Circulatory problems
  • Immune-deficiency conditions

Patients complain that toenail fungus is ugly and embarrassing. This condition is offten ignored because the infection can be present for years without causing any pain. If ignored, the infection can spread to other toenails and even the fingernails. In addition secondary bacterial infections may occur on or around the toenail plate.

How does the laser work?

The laser destroys the fungus that lives in and under the toenail by generating a sufficient amount of heat. The laser light that passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear but it takes time to grow out. Just like the oral anti-fungal medications, response is measured in months as the nail grows out clear.

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