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Left, Joshua Vanderpuyl, Director of Marketing and Dr. Jim Pruchniewski “Dr. Jim” in front of North Lakeland Foot Clinic.

Doctor James Pruchniewski, MS, DPM, of the North Lakeland Foot Clinic, left a teaching career after 12 years and a close call with third-degree frostbite during a skiing trip at Lake Placid. After the U.S. Olympic Ski Team’s podiatrist consulted on his case and saved him from amputation, Dr. Jim, as his patients call him, decided to become a podiatrist.

Nail Fungus? Laser Works!

A Google search on nail fungus produces over a half million ads for do-it-yourself topicals. I have never seen a single cure. Several years ago, two prescription anti-fungal pills became available and are effective in up to 50% of takers. Blood monitoring is necessary. Recently I began hearing news of a laser treatment. The results were impressive. I was finally convinced when I read Consumer Reports (July 2010, p. 15). It stated: “…a single treatment, usually by a podiatrist, may be effective nearly 90% of the time…”.

The cost to patient should be less than the oral anti-fungal protocol. So I made the investment and acquired the laser. To introduce the laser, I would like to provide a free foot screening and fungus nail evaluation. If you choose the laser, I have a special introductory offer that comes to about half the stated price in Consumer Reports! Toenail fungus is ugly and can spread to others. In diabetics, individuals with poor circulation, neuropathy or compromised immune systems it can lead to disastrous complications. Stop in for a free check-up and take advantage of the introductory offer.

North Lakeland Foot Clinic

OFFICE: 863-505-0592
Se Habla Español: 863-859-4434

Dr. Jim graduated from the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in 1986, and completed his residency in Tampa at the James Haley V.A Medical Center. He then opened his first office in Lakeland, where he found his niche helping Lakeland’s community of older and retired citizens.

“We specialize in a more conservative treatment,” said Dr. Jim. “Most people over 60 aren’t wanting to have reconstructive bone surgery done on their feet.”

Dr. Jim heard what his patients were saying and started looking at minimal-incision surgery.

“We specialize in a minimally-invasive office procedure that reduces simple hammertoes,” said Dr. Jim, “and features a quick and easy recovery.”

According to Dr. Jim, the procedure doesn’t give the patient a perfect straight toe, but straightens it enough so that it is no longer symptomatic and looks better. “The best thing about this procedure,” explained Dr. Jim “is that it stops this progressive deformity from worsening to the severe rigid type that requires bone surgery.”

“Back in 2010, I started hearing about a new laser treatment for fungal nails,” said Dr. Jim. “I was convinced of its effectiveness by a July 2010 article in Consumer Reports that stated ‘a single treatment, usually by a podiatrist, may be effective nearly 90 percent of the time … at around $1,200 a pop,’ which is twice what we charge for doing both feet during our Grand Opening Special.”

The laser kills the fungus that lives in and under the toenail or fingernail. Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after the treatment. “We’ve had the laser equipment long enough now,” says Dr. Jim, “that we’re seeing the results and they are gratifying.”

“We have become skilled in the treatment of the feet and legs of diabetics and limb preservation. We get referrals from doctors when patients are getting close to amputation, and we have to find some way to salvage their limbs. There’s a technique to healing diabetic ulcers. If the circulation has gotten to the point where they tend to get ulcers, then I refer them to a vascular surgeon who will open up the circulation, and once the blood gets started again they come back, and we finish our treatment and close the ulcer.”

Where appropriate, North Lakeland Foot Clinic provides attractive and comfortable fitted shoes and insoles through the Medicare Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention Program (LEAP).

Dr. Jim is attentive and informative with his patients, taking the time to explain the procedures and answer questions until the patient is comfortable. One patient writes that Dr. Jim had “an
excellent manner. He was informative as well as thorough.” Another satisfied patient stated that the procedure she underwent “was over before I had time to worry.”

Dr. Jim was honored by Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine for achieving 100 volunteer hours.

In June of 2010, Dr. Jim joined 15 others for the Corpus Christi Catholic Church’s first medical mission trip to its parish twin, St. Michael Archangel, in Dilaire, Haiti. In four days, the 10-person medical team saw more than 1,600 patients. “I left full of hope,” said Dr. Jim. “Working with a team of the most caring, loving, hardworking people I’ve ever met left me with a renewed hope for mankind.”